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Hello to all!

Haven't heard much lately so I thought I'd intrigue you with the latest
noise stupdity from Philadelphia.

The rock group Metallica has been trying to find a home for quite some
time, but no sane town wants them.  What to do?  Easy, just offer to
give a free concert where some poor sap of a town is willing to open a
parking lot.  And oh yes, that would be Philly.

Enter the screaming folks who will bear the brunt of this idiocy, the
South Philly crew of long-time residents who are about to be inundated
with decibel lunacy courtesy of the "loudest rock band in the world." 
South Philly sues but, naturally, money wins out and "da show must go

So what you'll have on Election Day (how appropriate that these are the
kind of "rights" our forefathers died for) is a group of nuts playing to
40,000 screaming whackos trying to be heard over the din of 140
decibels. Now there are people who live right across the street from
this mess, but they made the mistake of complaining about the urinators
and such, so the local media focused more on the nuisance factor rather
than the noise, comparing the atmosphere to that associated with
sporting or rock concert events that typically take place at the
Spectrum (in which parking lot this concert is to happen).  Amazingly,
commentators are focusing solely on the beer bottles and loitering and
totally ignoring the noise barrage that the locals will be forced to

So when this list thinks people can just do the right thing and make
everything better, they should have a good hard look at South Philly,
alleged home of the Philly Mafia.  Now those of you who know me (and I
don't live anywhere near this mess) know that I'm rooting for the mob to
take a VERY ACTIVE role in trying to discourage the performers and/or
participants.  Then again, there's a lot of money being made, and we all
know the mob gets a cut...

Bob S.

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