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Retraction of sorts

Well, the Metallica fiasco is history and it would seem I have (for the
2nd time in 5 days -- the other being Penn State's loss) had my mouth
shut by the truth.  

Apparently, Metallica went to extraordinary lengths to ensure that: a)
the speakers were directed toward I95 where the only ones who would
suffer from noise abuse would be those stuck in a traffic jam and not
the good citizens of South Philly next door, and; b) no harm would come
to the locals.  To accomplish item b, the band sprung for mega police
presence (I heard upwards of 3 times that which usually accompanies an
Eagles game -- and that's a lot of police, as my Philly cop friend tells

>From all reports, no trouble developed either before or after the event,
and the crowd was easily dispersed.  No matter the number of cops, the
attendees were relatively well behaved and there were no known
complaints over noise.  A local reporter stood in the affected
neighborhood with a decibel reader and discovered that the loudest noise
came from the news stations own helicopter/blimp.

It shows that such an event can be held in a responsible manner and that
speaks well for future activities in this area.  If all events were
condcuted with similar decorum, there would be a lot less strife and far
more tolerance.  Apologies for the earlier tirade, but my commentary
stands: keep your noise to yourself and your welcome to say whatever you
want as loud as you want -- just don't let it interfere with my right to
a peaceful gathering/existence.

Bob S.

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