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Re: Metallica

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
  We also
>   think that rock lovers should be educated as to the risk of
>   hearing impairment, so they will at least be making an
>   informed choice when they decide to let their hearing hair
>   cells be destroyed.

What was most fascinating about all this were the reporters who were
sent to cover the event.  On the 3 major channels the ages were 40+ and
all of them laughed about their ears ringing and head hurting from the
noise.  The look of pain on Marge Pala's face said it all.  But they
didn't dwell on the pain or ear ringing...instead they told of what a
swell time it was and how the music was so loud that the whole stage
vibrated mightily.

I'd love to visit those 3 next week and ask how their hearing has been
since the concert.  Bet they'd have a hard time hearing my question. 
And I wonder if their kids will find their Moms/Dads inability to hear
them these next few days to be funny or disorienting.

Heck, maybe the reporters will like not being able to hear their kids!

Bob S.

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