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Re: Prominent Spokesperson for Quiet

On Wed, 12 Nov 1997 19:19:59 -0800, 
Kathleen Hamilton  <knhamilton@coastnet.com> wrote:

>What we need is a prominent spokesperson for quiet.
>Maybe there's a parallel that can be drawn with the Dark Sky campaign -
>[which] gains credibility by being backed by astronomers.
>Who can we get to speak out for quiet? Or rather, what kind of person?

   I've been thinking along these lines myself.  Michael Wright just 
today suggested a promotional campaign and Valerie Gibson mentioned 
awhile back a celebrity entertainer involved with the UK Right to 
Peace and Quiet Campaign.  A prominent or celebrity spokesperson could 
help a lot.  Every once in awhile I notice some small hint in films 
which suggests that some prominent people in the entertainment 
industry would certainly be sympathetic.  The strongest so far was a 
scene from the movie "Nell", starring Jodie Foster, where her 
character pretty much sums up the hollowness of modern society by 
saying, "You have big things.  You know big things.  But you are 
hungry for Quiet."  Perhaps a PSA type promotional ad campaign on the 
theme "Remember Quiet?" with the voice and/or person of some such 
celebrity might be worth trying.

   The "natural" kind of spokesperson for Quiet would be someone who 
needs Quiet for their work, just as astronomers need dark skies to do 
theirs.  Musicians and priests come to mind right away.  Perhaps a 
well-known symphony conductor or composer?  Certainly a strong 
endorsement from the Pope would go a long way - there are still many 
millions of devout Catholics in the world. 

       I would only hope that such a campaign could be undertaken 
in a spirit of complete sincerity.  For some time, sincerity has been 
a real Big Thing for me, and I deplore the glitz and giddiness that 
seems so pervasive today.  From "Bill Nye the Science Guy" to the 
non-stop buffoonery on the local (commercial) classical radio station, 
to the compulsive puns in printed "news" media, it seems like simple 
sincerity is practically taboo anymore.

   David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org

  [P.S.] I think astronomers have an almost unfair advantage in that 
they bring with them the prestige of being scientists engaged in 
making fascinating discoveries.  One prominent astronomer is probably 
worth dozens of prominent scientists whose specialty is acoustics or 
hearing when it comes to getting the attention of the public.

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