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Re: Prominent Spokesperson for Quiet

This may sound tacky to some, but I really think
articulate glamourous women would be effective 
in a public campaign against noise pollution.

The reason is that so many men believe they 
become sexy in the eyes of women by being
noise-makers.   This needs to change.  Women
need to learn how to "just say  no" to noise.   A
female role model is necessary to educate the
girls as well.

You often see young women riding around as
passengers on loud muffler motorcycles.  They 
are of course notorious for worshipping rock bands, 
and more recently the abominations known as 
"gangsta rappas."   Boom car boys like to impress 
the girls with how loud their noise-makers can be.

The crude formula is that power is sexy and
noise equals power.  The idea that loud is cool
needs to be reversed.

Although some admired her and others despised
her, there is no question about the fact that Jane
Fonda had a wide audience as a peace activist
in the Vietnam years.   She was a woman telling
men that killing isn't sexy.   From the 1967 antiwar
demonstration in Washington, one of my prominent
recollections is a woman at the microphone singing:

   It takes a REAL man to say no
   It takes a REAL man to say "I won't go..."

  -- Michael Wright
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