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Re: Metallica

In a message dated 97-11-12 17:15:10 EST, Bob S writes:

<< What was most fascinating about all this were the reporters 
  who were sent to cover the event.  On the 3 major channels the 
  ages were 40+ and  all of them laughed about their ears ringing 
  and head hurting from the  noise.  The look of pain on Marge 
  Pala's face said it all.  But they  didn't dwell on the pain or ear 
  ringing...instead they told of what a  swell time it was and how 
  the music was so loud that the whole stage  vibrated mightily.

   Well, this is the Never-Never Land syndrome.  Baby-boomers
   just don't like to admit they're aging.

   To say anything negative about rock bands is to put oneself
   at risk of being called an old fogey or something worse.  

   They'll sit there and endure that pain just to keep up the
   pretense of being young.  This is really bizarre.  

   It's going to take something like a  promotional campaign
   of sexy young models praising classical music and grimacing
   at the sound of Metallica to reverse this.

     -- Michael Wright 
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