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Re: Prominent Spokesperson for Quiet

Kathleen Hamilton wrote:
> What we need is a prominent spokesperson for quiet.
> Maybe there's a parallel that can be drawn with the Dark Sky campaign -
> which seeks to have unnecessary lights turned off at night (or shielded),
> so that people can see the stars again.  This campaign gains credibility by
> being backed by astronomers.
> Who can we get to speak out for quiet? Or rather, what kind of person?
Well, Kathleen, I'd vote Nicholas Cage.  You get Nick to strut around
and say, "Weeeelllll, I love ...you know, really lovvvve noise.  I'm
sorta wild y'know.  But I think the King would agree that you gotta keep
your stuff to yourself. Y'know?  Kids need quiet so they can think and
grow up to become thinkers.  I hope I'm being clear.  So chill a little,
dudes. Give quiet a chance.  Do it for the King.  Solid."

Patrick Stewart could come out with that "man in the wilderness under
the stars thing going and say something erudite about intelligence and
quiet and then...a hearty "Make it so."

But Harrison Ford probably gets the vote.  We've got Jack Ryan, the
President, Han Solo, all wrapped up in one.  We zoom in on him out in
Montana or wherever his ranch is (someplace where there's stars and
quiet and owls), then cut to him in NYC zig-zagging though noise
traffic, then back to Montana...where  Harry says, "Been there, done
that.  Quiet's better."

For the female side, any one of the Melrose or Party/5 girls would do
fine.  I don't do ladies dialogue, so we'll just leave it at that. 
Barbara Walters would almost surely do this for us.  But we need young
kids accustomed to making lots of moise on TV to come out and make a
statement about how much they hate noise and especially how noisy men
make them ill and they wouldn't give a noisy man 5 seconds or a second
look. It would help if she spit out a cigarette and squashed it like a
bug (for effect).

Aside from the dialogue, the characters would work.

Bob S.

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