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Re: Quiet-List FAQ-sheet/November 1997

To Quiet List members:
     I don't believe my earlier e-mail was sent.  So here it is again.
     Quiet list serves several purposes:  Let's people know that there are
many individuals who want to live in a quieter environment.  Identifies
resources for data on the impacts of noise on mental and physical health.
 Lists groups that are involved in trying to quiet our surroundings.  Members
can be asked to participate in ongoing activities to abate noise.  I could go
on with more.
     In the Fact Sheet, recently posted, the impacts of noise on health as
well as other factors about noise were described.  It would be best to refer
readers to actual resources for this information - less room for error and
misinformation and greater opportunity for data-based information.  For
example, readers could go to the League for the Hard of Hearing's web site
and access its Hearing Rehabilitation Quarterly for articles on the effects
of noise on health.  Readers should also be directed to Noise Pollution
Clearinghouse for articles.  Those readers who asked me were also given my
papers on noise.  General statements about the effects of noise on behavior
have to be carefully stated.
     I would also like to refer readers to the Council on the Environment of
New York City's website  http://www.cenyc.org.  I serve on its Board of
     The quiet-list can be very helpful.  Keep it up!    Arline Bronzaft  
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