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Re: Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

Believe it or not, but the A-weighted scale was intended as a
temporary measure - but after everyone started using it iot has sort
of stuck...

There is a better parameter available - known as "Loudness" - this is
more complex as it takes better note of the frequency distribution of
the noise. Unfortunately, there aren't many cheap loudness meters
around yet (actually, come to think of it, I can't think of any...).

Maybe people should start pressing for "Loudness" to be the parameter
used in laws and ordinances - that way there will be an incentive for
manufacturers to produce meters. It is partly a chicken and egg
situation - whilst everyone is using A-weighting, all the meters come
with it, and nothing will change. 

Julian Wald
Silence is golden - but noise pays the bills! 
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