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Re: Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

In a message dated 97-11-28 08:45:17 EST, Eric writes:

>I have just completed a Model Noise Ordinance for the 
>State of New Jersey that deals specifically with this situation.
> It is a performance code, which means that the standards 
>are set in decibels as measured on the A-scale. Enforcement 
>of a performance code involves the purchase of a meter and 
>training the officer in its use;

  I find this very disappointing.  I know Rutgers is taking a lot
  of leadership in this area, and if your solution is to write
  laws based on decibel readings then I see litle hope.

  I don't give a damn what the decibel meter says.  If I can
  hear the noise in my house -- or even in my yard -- it's
  too loud.  

  Ordinances need to be written on a common sense basis.
  If a cop can hear an auto stereo from a distance of 30 feet,
  he ought to be able to write a ticket.   

  For stationary sources, if a noise-maker's recreational noise
  can be heard beyond his property line, then the cop ought
  to be able to write a ticket.

  Laws based on simple audibility and distance rules can be
  easily enforced, without a lot of expensive training and 
  equipment.   Already I have heard my local cops say things
  like "we can't afford all the training and equipment" to enforce
  the noise ordinance.  

     -- Michael Wright
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