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Re: Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

Dear Sean,

   One approach to dealing with your neighbors is a private nuisance action.
Unfortunately, it is an expensive endeavor.   An ordinance can certainly be
written that deals with dwelling-to-dwelling noise in a multi-dwelling
building. The question is whether your jurisdiction is interested and
motivated enough to adopt and enforce such an ordinance. Only you can judge
that one. I have just completed a Model Noise Ordinance for the State of New
Jersey that deals specifically with this situation. It is a performance code,
which means that the standards are set in decibels as measured on the
A-scale. Enforcement of a performance code involves the purchase of a meter
and training the officer in its use; a bit much for a jurisdiction that has
only one complainant. If I can help, e-mail me directly.

Eric Zwerling, Director
Rutgers Noise Technical Assistance Center.
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