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Re: What Are Leaf-Blowers For?

NOTE:  Please ignore an earlier post by me which was sent
           by accident due to flaws in AOL (AO Hell) service.

In a message dated 97-11-27 15:36:12 EST, Peter writes:

>Commercial gardeners claim that leafblowers save them many hours of labour. 
>In some cases this is probably true.

  But what is the end result?  A perfectly manicured lawn with
  no unsightly leaves?  From where did the idea come that this
  was aesthetically pleasing?  Funny how they want perfection,
  regimentation, and order in the visual landscape, but are willing
  to create chaos, ugliness, and cacaphony in the acoustic
  landscape while they're at it.  

 There is an old song called "Autumn Leaves."  Haven't these
 characters ever heard it?   Haven't they ever gone on a foliage
 tour when the leaves are turning?  Why are they all of a sudden
 so ugly when they hit the ground?

   -- Michael Wright
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