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Re: What Are Leaf-Blowers For?

In a message dated 97-11-27 09:57:18 EST, aspa writes:

>Well Michael, they are used mainly by City gardenners (at least in France,
>but it might, in the states, be widely spread among common people, like
>lawnmowers) to blow the leafs all in one place to pick them up easily.

  OK, now I get it.  They want something better than the old-
  fashioned method of using rakes.  Are they lazy, or just 
  hooked on whatever new gadgets they are told by advertizers
  to buy?   From watching these characters with their leaf-
  blowers, it doesn't look like accomplishing the same job
  would require that much more time or energy with a rake.

  As for me, I don't mind the sight of leaves on the lawn.
  That's just nature's work.  I never rake them.  Sooner or
  later they either decompose or the wind carries them 

  Maybe my neighbors are offended by the sight of my
  unraked leaves.  At least, they have the option of not
  looking my way.   I wish I didn't have to hear their barking
  dogs and faulty burglar alarms.

    -- Michael Wright   
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