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Re: What Are Leaf-Blowers For?

In a message dated 97-11-27 07:47:40 EST, Eric writes:

> Nor have I. Unfortunately most urban home owners feel very 
>uncomfortable with "debris" on their property. 

    Funny how the leaves are OK while they're on the
    trees, but become "debris" after they follow nature's
    plan and fall.

    Haven't these people ever heard the song "Autumn
    Leaves"?   "...when autumn leaves start to fall."

> Just yesterday afternoon I had the "pleasure" of listening to and 
>watching my neighbour get out one of his many "toys" from the back tool 
>shed and blow leaves around his front and back yard for 20 minutes or so.

   Yes, I've observed the same thing.  They just blow the leaves
   around without picking them up even.  It looks so strange.

   Do they blow them out into the street at least?  Does it
   occur to them that the wind might blow them back into their

    -- Michael Wright
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