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UK Government & Noise Research

Dear List (-eners)
The October 1997 edition of Noise & Vibration Worldwide has a feature
headed "New Research into Effects of Noise Pollution - Quality of Life is
now Recognised as an Issue".  It's well worth a read.  The British
Department of the Environment, Transport & the Regions [Minister Angela
Eagle] and the Department of Health [Minister Tessa Jowell] are planning
a joint research program.  To quote the latter:  "Up and down the country,
peoples' lives are being ruined by noise.  In some cases they cannot
sleep or enjoy the peace and privacy of their own homes.  This may be
having a bad effect on their health.  That is why this collaboration with
DETR on research into health effects is so important.  We intend that
Government action in this area will be guided by evidence."
We all know about these effects already, but it's encouraging that at
least one credible government is doing something sensible about it and
that in the forseeable future we might have something tangible to "bite
There is another interesting article [September edition of the same journal
- pp12 & 13] on a noise survey carried out this year by the National (UK)
Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection.  And pp 14 to 16 are
an article on Valerie Gibson.  Curious how many personalities in this field
are women!  I don't doubt we men have something to learn??!!  (:-}}}
Regards ...

John D'Arcy-Evans
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