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Re: Retraction of sorts

In a message dated 97-11-14 22:58:27 EST, you write:

> A point of interest, I believe >that Metallica was one of the 
  groups in H.E.A.R.' s (Hearing Education and >Awareness 
  for Rockers) video promoting the use of ear plugs and hearing

 I find the whole earplug thing to be absurd, and a bizarre
 statement about the strange times we live in.  If the noise
 they call "music" is loud enough to impair hearing, then
 the only reasonable thing to do is turn it down.

 Good music is a positive experience and is not performed
 at deafening volumes.  No one should want to wear earplugs
 to muffle good music.

 Earplugs might protect the hearing of their immediate
 audience but do absolutely nothing to relieve the aggravation
 of people miles away from the noise source who don't want
 to hear it.

    -- Michael Wright   
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