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Re: Retraction of sorts

The Noise Center got a call from a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
 Apparently, they were running a story on noise and the concert in Thursday's
paper, though I haven't seen anything yet.  A point of interest, I believe
that Metallica was one of the groups in H.E.A.R.' s (Hearing Education and
Awareness for Rockers) video promoting the use of ear plugs and hearing

Just a reminder, International Noise Awareness Day is April 29, 1998.  We can
send materials to all who want them.  We, too, feel a celebrity spokesperson
is critical and are working on it.  Last year Gene Wilder and Beverly Sills
attached their names to this issue - but not quite the names that will
influence the younger people.

Nancy Nadler
Director, Noise Center
League for the Hard of Heairng

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