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Re: Quiet-List FAQ-sheet/November 1997

Re: Being fined for screaming as you are pushed off the subway platform.  As
an individual who has long supported public transit, I don't consider remarks
like that funny nor do I consider Mr. Letterman very funny.
     As far as the literature is concerned, there are articles that are
written in language that our readers will have no difficulty in
understanding.  Some of the chapters in Kryter are indeed difficult, but the
Thomas Fay book "Noise and Health" is not a difficult read.  My chapter in
Environmental Issues for the 21st Century (Editor: Patricia J. Thompson)
Publisher: Peter Lang is now available and I am confident that our readers
will find relevant studies in the chapter.  
     The articles in the League for the Hard of Hearing's journal are also
well-worth reading and should be referenced.
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