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noise nuisance from neighbours

> Dear members,
> Noise nuisance of neighbors is number 2 noise nuisance in The Netherlands
> (only traffic causes more noise nuisance). However, very little has been
> done until now to prevent or reduce noise nuisance from neighbors.
> Currently I am investigating which strategies police, judges, politicians
> etc. can use in order to deal with this form of noise nuisance. I am
> interested in all legal, economic, and social strategies directed at
> reducing or preventing nuisance by noise from neighbors, and what their
> effectiviness is. I am not only interested in instruments and laws from
> own country (The Netherlands) but also in effective strategies in other
> countries. I would appreciate it very much if you would help me.
> sincerely 
> Miranda van Tilburg
> RIGO research en advies
> De Ruyterkade 139
> 1011 AC Amsterdam
> The Netherlands
> tel: +3120 5221111
> fax: +3120 627 6840

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