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Re: Spokesperson for Quiet

Hi Kathleen,

> There's a store in Toronto that sells all kinds of "environment-friendly"
> products - and it's popular. I haven't seen their financial statements, but
> they're surviving.
> So why not a store for quiet products? "If you build it they will come."
> <g>

  Now we're talking about a whole different kettle of fish. A very 
interesting and perhaps profitable venture. CCAN has a long-range plan to 
compile a registry of quiet products. To house quiet products under one 
roof is a great idea. Perhaps the best way to start out would be small 
and then expand.
 How would you deal with items like lawn mowers? Would you be selling the 
quietest motorized mower or a reel mower, or both?

 Eric Greenspoon 
  Vice President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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