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Local Pop Festival Proposal in Winchester, UK

I have just read in our local paper (in Winchester, UK) that someone
has put in plans to our local council for a 2-day pop festival nearby
(next May). 

What sort of useful facts and figures do people have to support the
view that this is a bad thing to allow? I would like to put together a
cogent argument against the proposal for the planning committee - it
needs to be in by 1 December 1997.

In my professional life I develop noise monitoring software, but I was
wondering if anyone has figures for likely noise pollution levels,
etc. I know that exposure to even moderate noise levels for short-ish
periods can do damage, but I would like something more concrete to

Best wishes
Julian Wald
(I am more of a Bach or Sibelius person myself!)

Julian Wald
Silence is golden - but noise pays the bills! 
Noise Monitoring Software for the PC - See our 
web site at http://www.ptolserv.com
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