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Who holds the power?

The Journal of mangement Consulting, May 1997, contains a review of the
book, "One World, Ready or Not: The Manic Logic of Global Capitalism - W
Greider (Simon & Shuster, New York; 1997).
The reviewer quotes:
"The evolving global economy is both boon and bane. It is:
(A) galaxy of four broad, competing power blocs, each losing or gaining
(1) The biggest, most obvious loser...is labour...workers (in both rich and
poor countries) have lost substantial control over their....terms of
(2) ...national governments have become mere salesmen, promoting the
fortunes of their own mulinationals in the (vain) hope that this will
provide a core prosperity that keeps everyone afloat.
(3)...multinational corporations are the muscle and brains of this new
system...their success has inevitably weakened labour and degraded the
control of governments...
(4)...finance capital (seeks to maximize) the return on (investment)
without regard to national identity or political and social

Why do I get the feeling that if the U-2 Jacksonville event was a block
from the residence of one of the heads of a multinational or from the
residence of a large financier, the show may have been stopped pronto?
Quo vadis noise campaigners? Are we targetting the right groups?

Ray Hattingh
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