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Re: Pop Festival: Winchester, UK

Peter:  You raised some queries concerning noise control of one of our
"We" are Cape Town Municipality (South Africa).  We have a stadium
(usually used for track and field events) that is available relatively
cheaply to music groups and can accommodate roughly 20 000. The
important point is that it is "ours" so we can set the standards in the
lease agreement irrespective of by-law and legislation.  We reckoned
that we could afford an intrusion of no more than 64,5dBA 300metres
from the stadium (ie at the nearest residences) which worked out as
55dBA 900m away at a convenient monitoring point.  In an ambient of
52dBA we were therefore looking for less than 57 (10 minute LAeq). 
Simple as that!
The secret is only to permit these events at premises over which one
has control:  Charge a meaningful deposit and don't give it back if the
limits etc. are exceeded.  Problem is to persuade the facilities manager
not to chicken out and for us to resist the keys to a late model luxury
German auto for mis-reading the instrument!
It has worked well for most events and, for UB40 (an English group), the
sound contractor was gracious enough to say we set standards
consistent with those he found in the UK and Canada [?!] but Witney
Houston went over by 4dB on average and they didn't have the guts to
pull the plug on her!  Perhaps 4dB is not conclusive enough.
However, noise at the event itself is not the whole story: street
behaviour, fireworks, drug and alcohol abuse and driving offense all take
their toll.
Further, the local cricket and rugby grounds (Newlands) have
discovered there's money to be made from these events (eg Tina Turner
& Franklin Graham).  They are a whole lot more difficult to control and the
stadia are buried in residential areas.
I'm afraid it's not easy here right now: the state of play politically is such
that noise control has a low priority; although there has been
promulgation of some useful national noise legislation.
Regards ...

John D'Arcy-Evans
tel.:     (021) 400 3860
fax:     (021) 419 7096
E-mail: jdevans@ctcc.gov.za

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