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Re: Complaints about airport noise

In a message dated 97-11-22 14:26:11 EST, you write:

<< There is an obvious conflict  of interest at play here: the GTAA wants to
create an airport system  which contributes "agressively to economic
development" and at the same  time is environmentally sensitive! >>

We see the same happening all over.  I think the tactics are passed on
through Airports Council International or the airlines themselves.  The
bottom line is that because of new treaties and the opening of the Pacific
Rim, it is expected that aviation capacity will double by the year 2008,
triple in 20 years.  That is the economic incentive for all the airport
expansion that you see.

We have done a lot of work on airport environmental issues...The only way if
it is even possible, that airports could be environmentally sensitive is for
them to dig up the airport, clean up the toxic waste dump and our waterways
that they have poisoned and move airports 100 miles away from people (still
would have major upper atmospheric pollution).  I have on good authority that
you are going to start seeing major lawsuits on airport-environmental issues.
 Some appearing real soon.

If the pollution was counted correctly, airports are among the major source
polluters in the world (Chicago's O'Hare Airport is probally the largest
man-made...)  It appears that living in the vicinity of one, is comparable to
living in a third world country when it comes to health stats and life span.

I have testimony on noise and environmental issues I would like to share;
but, I don't think that anyone would be interested in it unless they lived
within 25-50 miles of a med/lge airport.  (25 miles for noise/50 miles
especially if your house, ponds, etc. show signs of jet fuel deposits.)
 Please email me if you are interested.

I would be happy to post our testimony on the FAA and airport noise to the US
House Science Subcommittee if it is OK.
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