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Pop Festival: Winchester, UK

Julian:  It depends what you mean by "nearby"!  Such events, when held
in residential areas here obviously elicit huge numbers of complaints. 
Some are caused by the enormous sound reinforcement capability of the
event itself, some by parking offences and many by the resulting (or
inherently bad!) street behaviour.
We (ie the local authority) rent out one of our stadiums for such events. 
It's not too "engulfed" by residential areas and is within half a kilometre of
the sea, which helps.  However the letting Branch usually invokes our
specification which demands less than a 57dB, 10 minute LAeq at a point
roughly 900metres away.  We are in radio contact with the stadium
officials and (in theory!) the plug is pulled if they persistently exceed this.
It seems to work quite well and the level of complaint is low under these
However, we believe it is bad in principle to allow such events
anywhere near residential premises.  Furthermore, there is a small
hospital nearby and these events are always capped by fireworks
which starts all the dogs barking, cocks crowing &c &c and everything's
a whole lot worse!!
These events can make as much din as you like.  It depends how much
they screw up the volume, which way the speaker towers are directed,
wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, cloud cover &c &c.
Hope this is of some help!  Try and persuade them to have it down a coal
mine.  Regards ...
PS Even Bach and Sibelius sound lousy a kilometre away! ...

John D'Arcy-Evans
tel.:     (021) 400 3860
fax:     (021) 419 7096
E-mail: jdevans@ctcc.gov.za

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