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Re: Complaints about airport noise

> Re: Complaint line.  In New York City the Quality of Life hotline receives a
> great number of noise complaints and people who have used that hotline report
> that all that has been accomplished in calling is the venting of anger in
> registering the complaint.  The data on follow-up in New York City is scanty
> - a newspaper story on this situation should be out shortly.  Arline Bronzaft

  There are two fundamental problems concerning airport complaint hotlines:

 1. In general, the number is a well-kept secret. The airport authorities 
should be informing the public on an ongoing basis to ensure that 
everyone knows that they _can complain and where to complain to if they 
feel like it. Lord knows they have the means to publicize the number.

 2. The airport authorities make no commitment/promises whatsoever as to 
what they will do if they receive x number or 10x, or 30x number of complaints.

 Eric Greenspoon 
  President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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