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Re: Complaints about airport noise

In a message dated 97-11-21 17:57:15 EST, you write:

<< It became quite plain to me, after phoning Transport Canada's noise 
 complaint hotline in Vancouver a couple of times, that this number exists 
 solely for the purpose of receiving complaints and not for doing anything 
 about them. They're quite candid about the fact that they have no power to 
 act on anything other than safety violations. It's no wonder people don't 
 bother complaining. >>

It's the same game all over the world.

We have put a national airport noise/environmental organization together with
strong  international associations.  The organization is comprised of other
local groups.  So far, we have made our selves "heard".  ...And we have only
just begun!

You mentioned that they have been pretty much ignoring you.  Another good
campaign might be: To have your local newspaper run a report card campaign.
 "Is the noise better now than before...?" Or, something like that.  It gets
media attention and GETS the people involved.  The results from one local
community paper, with a small circulation base was astounding:  

558 respondents
547 more noise since new noise abatement procedures went in
   9 less noise  (guess which nine work for the airport?)
   2 the same

(The real reason is that they have about a million flights at O'Hare; also,
they play a lot of PR and political games. )

The kicker was that the newspaper had a section for comments and ran them.
 The comments were fantastic.

Hope this helps.

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