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Re: Sony advertisement

Hi Folks,

 I just got off the phone with Elaine Nichols from Sony Canada 
advertising. She had to run down the hall to take a look at Peter's fax 
and see the ad in question. This ad is not a national store ad. 
Apparently Sony hires smaller ad agencies for various jobs across Canada.
 Elaine has advised us who to contact/fax:

 Blair Severn - National Marketing Manager  (416) 499-3142 fax       
  He's the fellow that's directly responsible for the ad, and would have
  approved it.

 John McCarter - Gen. Mgr. Advert. and Corp. Commun. (416) 499-7147 fax      
  He's the man at the top. He may not have seen the ad.

 If you're planning to complain, it would be wise to cc: these fellows.
BTW, Peter, Elaine has confirmed that these gentlemen were cc'd your fax.

 Eric Greenspoon 
  President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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