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Re: Spokesperson for Quiet

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-11-18 02:45:31 EST, Nancy writes:
> << We're in the process of making our INAD '98 materials
>    right now.  Last year we made 5,000 magnets, 4,000 posters,
>    distributed 100,000 pairs of ear plugs >>
>   I am kind of ambivalent about earplugs, even though I have
>   them myself.  I feel indignant about having to use them,
>   particularly in my own domicile.   They are no solution, but
>   only a strategy of temporary relief from the noise onslaught.
>   People should not be encouraged to think that all they need
>   to do is wear earplugs.   Literature accompanying their
>   distribution needs to emphasize that we shouldn't have to
>   wear earplugs, while recognizing their regrettable necessity
>   at the present time.  The most important goal is to conduct
>   and win a campaign against noise pollution.
About those earplugs.  I abhor them but use them religiously. 
Fascinating that the best (the larger soft plugs) are almost always sold
out or close to it when I arrive for my fix.  Also, unless you install
them improperly (shoving those babies well into the ear canal), they
won't begin to filter out the noise caused by boom-car stereos.  Even
then, plugs can't stop the vibration the sub-woofer bass produces.

Just wondering: if people injure themselves using plugs in a manner
inconsistent with the maunfacturers directions, for the sole reason of
tryin to eliminate boom-car noise, any chance for a lawsuit?

Just kidding.

Bob S.

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