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Re: Recordings for Boom Cars


> I found a series called Best of Bass, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. 
> It had selections by various performers (notice I didn't say 
> "musicians" or even "artists")

You're probably still too generous!

> Again, the suggestion that "music" is supposed to "hit" 
> and "hurt" completely subverts the very concept of music 
> with the idea that violence and pain are its purpose.

Now, more seriously, it is not aesthetics what worries me more. I do even 
love some music which expresses violence, for instance, Strawinski's "Le
Sacre du Printemps". What worries me is the ill-intentioned use of that
music. You can listen to Le Sacre at the theatre, which is usually very
well isolated, and certainly nobody disliking it is obliged to buy a
ticket and get into the concert hall. Nor to endure it from bed several
times a night.

Though I don't like rap, I can understand that other people love it, and
I can even accept that they call it "art". I can't accept, however,
that they use it to hurt or simply annoy people.


Federico Miyara

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