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Re: classroom noise take 2


> Thanks to all who answered with suggestions and responses about my quiet in
> schools dilemma. In addition to "music" in classrooms, I was thinking about
> the design of the buildings and rooms themselves. I'm not an architect, so
> I'm not sure how it's done, but I know buildings can be designed with
> acoustics in mind. Obviously, the materials are important (ceramic tile,
> concrete, metal, glass, etc.), but the design is of concern as well. 

I don't remember the exact figures, but it is somewhat like this:

If you consider acoustics before starting with the project, the
increase in cost is roughly 7% higher than if you don't care at all about 

If you consider it once the structure has been built, the increase is
about 40%

If you modify a completed project which hasn't taken into account
acoustics in order to acoustically optimize it, the increase is about 80%

Architects and engineers should bear this in mind, shouldn't they?


Federico Miyara 

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