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Conference on Acoustical Violence

Dear Friends,

I'm back on the list. This is to inform that the Conference on Acoustical
Violence has finished successfully. We gathered many people considering 
the subject (100+), most from Argentine, but we had also some people from
Spain, Uruguay and a paper from UK. 

Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to comment on it
extensively, but I promise I'll do that soon. This is the "Healthy
soundsphere week", as it has been designated by our city council, and next 
Friday (Oct 10) is the "Healthy Sound Environment's Day". We're quite
exhausted by the Conference, but we have programmed some activities for
that date, such as delivering free ear protectors and flyers to the
public at the Peatonal Cordoba, our main commercial street.

Best regards.

Federico Miyara

P.S.: Sorry I'm not posting much material to the list these days.  

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