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Barking Dog Torture

In a message dated 97-10-07 11:16:06 EDT, Bob S writes:

<<  I can't even live in my own home any more because
 this unrelenting assault of mindless animals, caged and ignored by
 ignorant owners, is ruining my health and driving me insane.

  I certainly take you seriously.  I have suffered the same
  kind of problems.  One morning last summer I was driven
  out of my house before sunrise by a neighbor's faulty
  home alarm system which was set off by a thunderstorm
  and continued for four hours.   Barking dogs have also
  caused extreme disturbances, and I am currently seriously
  considering buying a 10-acre tract of land in the rural area
  just to have some peace and quiet.  In other words, the 
  noise-makers are about to drive me out of town.  They include
  barking dogs, auto stereos, loud mufflers, and boom cars.
  Maybe I'll end up a hermit.  I'm certainly not anti-social
  by nature.  I used to have a fairly pleasant social life in
  this community.  I could walk anywhere in the University
  of Oklahoma area and run into friendly familiar people on
  the sidewalks.   Now I see roller-bladers with earphones.
  There were plenty of hang-outs where conversations were
  easy to have and making new acquaintances came easy
  also.  The noise-makers have ruined all that.

     -- Michael Wright

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