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Bob Smith wrote:
> David Staudacher wrote:
> > Anti-noise campaigners are not popular people.  We are seen as
> > oversensitive, cranks or kill-joys.  Those with an economic interest
> > in
> > noise do not welcome our world-wide strength.  So do be careful in
> > what you
> > reveal, but at the same time, its a great opportunity to let them know
> > how
> > we feel!
> Exactly right. Thanks to some comments from our friends in Canada, I
> realized that this is a public forum, and even though I could disguise
> my email name and address and my server does not keep records of any
> messages sent or received, I use my real name, Bob Smith, for everything
> I do on the INTERNET. Believe that, you'll believe anything.
> As a matter of fact, I am really close to the edge. Last week end I fled
> my own home because the dogs next door had been barking non-stop day and
> night for nearly 5 days. I realize now that I should have just killed
> the dogs when they first became a nuisance. There would have been no
> reason to believe I was the slayer, at that time. Now, I would be the
> prime suspect, even though they would never be able to prove it. I just
> hope that someone else doesn't blow their barking heads off with a shot
> gun because they'll accuse me of doing it.
> I used to believed in the system, that the law would be upheld and that
> justice would be done. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that
> the laws are not enforced, and the courts here in Bumpkin County, North
> Carolina are a joke. I can't even live in my own home any more because
> this unrelenting assault of mindless animals, caged and ignored by
> ignorant owners, is ruining my health and driving me insane.
> True story: last thursday, I noticed my heat rate was double its normal
> rate, about 140. It had been running like that for days. By Saturday
> morning I had difficulty speaking and forming coherent thoughts. I had
> not slept much all week due to my elevated heart rate and random barking
> throughout the nights. I could not eat anything. All that day the dogs
> barked at anything that moved or made a noise in the neighborhood, and I
> skulked around the house with the windows closed instead of working in
> the yard like I had planned. By Saturday evening I fled to the
> mountains. I had to. Sunday night, while camped under a brilliant starry
> sky, night my heart rate had returned to its normal resting rate of near
> 70. Fortunately, I am in top physical condition; another man might have
> died of a heart attack or stroked out. I returned home by noon on
> Monday, and still am having difficulty working. Maybe I should jump on
> the band wagon and take prozac or some other opiate derivative then I
> could listen to all of this barking and not mind it. Maybe I should get
> a pit bull dog and train it to be very quiet. This is how I feel.
> Local governments can write as many laws as they want, but unless there
> is enforcement and prosecution, the law is nothing but a string of words
> on wasted paper.
You've reminded me of something I thought of a while back...keeping one
of those blood pressure devices handy.  Now I know they aren't the most
accurate things in the world, but if you get a general baseline rate
when you feel "okay" and then take a measure when the dogs or boom boys
or whatever (hate that word) get you going, you could get a comparative

My blood pressure sits pretty squarely on 120/80, give or take a couple
points.  When my dentist performs the test, its usually around 130/90,
meaning my stress level is up there.  Now, if I take the test (when hit
by the causative stress producer) and find my heart rate has jumped from
its usual range of 68-72 to 100+ and my BP has gone from 120/80 to
140/100, it stands to reason that we've isolated a medical reason for
"doing something."  Not that law enforcement would ever use this
reasoning, but a jury of our peers might conclude that you were driven
to a mad frothing rage and responded in a pretty normal manner.  Of
course, that assumes you actually did something...and we all know that
none of us would ever consider such a thing.

Bob S.

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