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David Staudacher wrote:

> Anti-noise campaigners are not popular people.  We are seen as
> oversensitive, cranks or kill-joys.  Those with an economic interest
> in
> noise do not welcome our world-wide strength.  So do be careful in
> what you
> reveal, but at the same time, its a great opportunity to let them know
> how
> we feel!

Exactly right. Thanks to some comments from our friends in Canada, I
realized that this is a public forum, and even though I could disguise
my email name and address and my server does not keep records of any
messages sent or received, I use my real name, Bob Smith, for everything
I do on the INTERNET. Believe that, you'll believe anything.

As a matter of fact, I am really close to the edge. Last week end I fled
my own home because the dogs next door had been barking non-stop day and
night for nearly 5 days. I realize now that I should have just killed
the dogs when they first became a nuisance. There would have been no
reason to believe I was the slayer, at that time. Now, I would be the
prime suspect, even though they would never be able to prove it. I just
hope that someone else doesn't blow their barking heads off with a shot
gun because they'll accuse me of doing it.

I used to believed in the system, that the law would be upheld and that
justice would be done. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way that
the laws are not enforced, and the courts here in Bumpkin County, North
Carolina are a joke. I can't even live in my own home any more because
this unrelenting assault of mindless animals, caged and ignored by
ignorant owners, is ruining my health and driving me insane.

True story: last thursday, I noticed my heat rate was double its normal
rate, about 140. It had been running like that for days. By Saturday
morning I had difficulty speaking and forming coherent thoughts. I had
not slept much all week due to my elevated heart rate and random barking
throughout the nights. I could not eat anything. All that day the dogs
barked at anything that moved or made a noise in the neighborhood, and I
skulked around the house with the windows closed instead of working in
the yard like I had planned. By Saturday evening I fled to the
mountains. I had to. Sunday night, while camped under a brilliant starry
sky, night my heart rate had returned to its normal resting rate of near
70. Fortunately, I am in top physical condition; another man might have
died of a heart attack or stroked out. I returned home by noon on
Monday, and still am having difficulty working. Maybe I should jump on
the band wagon and take prozac or some other opiate derivative then I
could listen to all of this barking and not mind it. Maybe I should get
a pit bull dog and train it to be very quiet. This is how I feel.

Local governments can write as many laws as they want, but unless there
is enforcement and prosecution, the law is nothing but a string of words
on wasted paper.


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