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Hi everyone!

I have been reading with interest everything that has been discussed on the
"quiet-list" since I started subscribing a few weeks back.  I really wish
there were more hours in the day to participate more and respond to
everything that has been highlighted.

The noise issue is so complex, diverse and certainly out of control that,
as voluntary activists,  we have to keep our head and take one step at a

The "quiet-list" is being read by all sorts of people.  Someone who works
for an organisation that carries out research work for our British
government, recently remarked to me that they found the "quiet-list" useful
to glean useful information.  This got me thinking.  Who else is listening
to what we are saying?

Anti-noise campaigners are not popular people.  We are seen as
oversensitive, cranks or kill-joys.  Those with an economic interest in
noise do not welcome our world-wide strength.  So do be careful in what you
reveal, but at the same time, its a great opportunity to let them know how
we feel!

Education and Awareness is the key to our success as well as the power of
our unity.  Keep up the good work.

Anyway, to update you on what I have been up to:

The Noise Network participates in a Noise Forum several times a year which
involves  reperesentatives from a number of professional disciplines
including members from our government's Department of Environment,
Transport and the Regions.  The next meeting takes place on Wednesday 8
October.  These are some of the items we have raised for discussion:

1. A request to meet with the new Environment Minister.
2. A complete review of UK noise law.
3. The setting up of a Noise Arbiter to intervene in disputed noise cases.
4. To increase the role of Environmental Psychologists.
5. To look urgently at regulation to control leisure noise.
6. To look at Town Planning that will address environmental noise
7. To look at Motor Sports/Aircraft/Road noise.
8. How to deal with the "Boom Boys" craze?
9. A modern definition of "Noise Nuisance".
10. Increased representation of lay people (the victims) in noise control.
11. The recent Home Office discussion document on "Community Safety Orders"
drawing attention to harrassment caused by noise.

If anyone would like further details of the above items, I will have to
send by fax or post.  Requests to: Noise.Network@btinternet.com. Thanks.


Val Gibson
Noise Network UK

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