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Re: Magazine Ad For Outdoor Home Speakers

Bob Smith wrote:
> Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:
> > The September 1997 issue of Stereo Review
> > magazine carries an ad by Sonance promoting
> > its outdoor speakers.
> Where do I get a pair of these wonder speakers? The way the dogs have
> been barking this week, I'm ready to start blasting something back
> beside just bad vibes. They have been going at it all morning and are
> still barking at the kids riding bikes, the neighbors doing lawn work,
> people taking walks.... You name it. I've been locked up in my study all
> week, working with the windows closed and my computer's CD turned up, as
> far away from them as possible. The leaves are falling off the trees and
> I they can see everybody in the neighborhood now and think it's their
> duty to bark at them all. The owners have been gone for several days and
> are still gone. The sheriff refuses to come out. The animal control
> people always tell me they will come and never do. I have found that the
> courts are a joke.
> I feel like climbing out of my skin. Is this normal?
Sounds normal to me, BJ.  If you go the speaker route and it succeeds,
please advise.  Also, I have heard that the high frequency pitch doesn't
work with most dogs -- at least not the one's advertised.  On the other
hand, if you used a super amplification mode such as these speakers
provide, you might find yourself with a bunch of highly agitated mutts.

Good luck!

Bob S.

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