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Research About Loud Music & Auto Safety

I posted this earlier but I think it would be 
useful to post this item again.  

>From the of an article in New Scientist (19 July 1997):

  "Listening to music while you drive can improve 
   your reaction time and ability to avoid hazards, 
   according to Australian psychologists.  But turning 
   your car stereo up to full volume could turn you 
   into a liability on the roads."

The experimental methodology needs to be
reviewed.  I think that research subjects for
this type of work always should be classified
according to whether they are noise-addicted
or not.   The improvement alleged might be true
only for the noise-addicted, who experience 
discomfort under conditions of quiet.

Additionally, the question of drowsiness versus
alertness needs to be addressed and controlled
for.  (Again I hadn't read the article when I wrote
this, and need to review it at this time.)

It might be the case that the alleged improvement
only works for people who are drowsy.  In that
event, should we be encouraging them to drive
in the first place -- with or without music?

   -- Michael Wright
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