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Re: Toronta Quality of Life?

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997 Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:

> In regard to noise control, does Toronto deserve
> high ranking for quality of life?

  Ahem.... I don't think so <g>. I was disappointed when Homemakers 
magazine (or something like that) ranked Canadian cities in terms of 
"best place to live" with regards to pollution (air, water, soil). Not 
one mention of noise.
  Toronto is probably one of the worst Canadian cities to live in terms 
of noise pollution. It's to be expected unfortunately.
  I don't know if you folks caught a story from July 30, 1997 in the 
Canadian papers:
  - Ontario among North America's worst polluters-

 " Ontario is the third-biggest polluter in North America, behind Texas 
and Tennessee, according to a study done as an outgrowth of the North 
American free-trade agreement."
  Of course no mention of noise was made in this study as well :(

 Eric Greenspoon 
  Vice President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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