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Re: Magazine Ad For Outdoor Home Speakers

In a message dated 97-10-04 14:32:00 EDT, Bob S writes:

<< I feel like climbing out of my skin. Is this normal? >>

   Yes.  The noise-makers at times have also driven
   me to the edge of madness.  Fortunately, I live
   within walking distance of the OU library, so I can
   go there for escaping into a quiet place.  Of course,
   unless trends are reversed, when the noise-addicted
   generation takes over administration of our libraries,
   we can fully expect piped-in techno-garbage.

   Have you asked any pet shop owners about high-
   frequency noise gadgets that are supposed to be
   used to train dogs not to bark?   The frequencies
   are so high that humans can't hear them.  Maybe
   there would be a way to rig an amplifier to broadcast
   this in the dogs' direction whenever they launch
   into a barking spell.

   For this, you wouldn't be concerned about the
   speakers' performance in the bass range.

        -- Michael Wright
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