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Re: Magazine Ad For Outdoor Home Speakers

Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:

> The September 1997 issue of Stereo Review
> magazine carries an ad by Sonance promoting
> its outdoor speakers.

Where do I get a pair of these wonder speakers? The way the dogs have
been barking this week, I'm ready to start blasting something back
beside just bad vibes. They have been going at it all morning and are
still barking at the kids riding bikes, the neighbors doing lawn work,
people taking walks.... You name it. I've been locked up in my study all
week, working with the windows closed and my computer's CD turned up, as
far away from them as possible. The leaves are falling off the trees and
I they can see everybody in the neighborhood now and think it's their
duty to bark at them all. The owners have been gone for several days and
are still gone. The sheriff refuses to come out. The animal control
people always tell me they will come and never do. I have found that the
courts are a joke.

I feel like climbing out of my skin. Is this normal?

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