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Re: Hearing Aids for Rock'n'Roll President

Yes, indeed, let's hope President Clinton recognizes the dangers of noise.  I
had written him earlier asking him to join our international noise awareness
day in April.  His response said he was pleased to hear of my interest in the
environment.  No mention of noise.
     Well, I've written him again and maybe a more responsive answer will
follow.  I have asked him to support H.R.536 and S.951, the bills asking for
the re-funding of the Office of Noise Abatement and Control.  The bills are
known as the Quiet Communities Act.  Opening the office would be a big boost
to our anti-noise efforts.  I would like to ask all members of the quiet-list
to ask their congressmembers and senators to support these two bills.  Last
week Senator Daniel Moynihan, a senior member of the Senate, signed on to S.
951. He should be instrumental in moving the bill through the Senate.
     Senator Torricelli of New Jersey introduced S.951 and Congresswoman Nita
Lowey of New York introduced H.R. 536.  I attended both press conferences
when these bills were introduced and spent a great deal of time working on my
Senator, Daniel Moynihan, to sign on to the Senate bill.  It is best for our
members to work on the representatives in their own states.  Should you need
further information, do contact me.  Arline 
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