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Re: Magazine Ad For Outdoor Home Speakers

> Boom car boys will be attracted to the speaker's
> "incredibly low but articulate 55Hz bass response, a
> new performance level for an outdoor speaker of this
> size."

I'd rather they went this route than the cars.  At least with the
outdoor speaker set-up, they'll be in a fixed location, theoretically
making law enforcement response a lot easier.  Of course, in an effort
to circumvent police interference with their light-hearted fun, the
knuckleheads will try strapping them to their cars...just kidding (I

Anyway, we'll see where this new level of stupidity takes us.  I'm
hoping that the Mom's and Dad's who look the other way when junior comes
home with his megabass car stereo will get a little tougher when the
noise starts bothering THEM.  Either way, it'll be a mess until the
police show up.  Then we get to hope they'll actually DO something.

Bob S.

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