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I like working late at night (part of my anti-stress program is to say
over and over that I *like* working at 3 in the morning rather than
going to bed like most people...its not really working, but I don't have
that situation where I'm oh-so-close to dreamland when a boomer drives
by and I'm wide awake for the next hour).

So I've got the TV on behind me and Jenny Jones comes on and they're
talking about outta control kids.  Along comes this (IMO) pretty decent
shrink who starts talking about "hitting" (she equated "hitting" with
"spanking" -- which a few of us might dispute).  Her point, and I
thought this, too, had some merit, was about the "circle of violence." 
In other words, parents who hit their kids end up having kids who hit
their parents.  Now I wouldn't go quite that far, but I might go along
with 'parents who hit their kids will likely have kids who hit others.' 
Again, however, I will emphasize the word "hit," which I think is a long
long way from spanking. But I digress.

One of the audience turns out to be a teacher at an alternative school
who deals with the worst of the scum.  He says he sees lots of kids who
were smacked around as kids, and that those kids are trouble.  BUT he
goes on to say that the worst of the bunch are those who are part of
this "hands off" no limits mantra that is producing kids who are doing
some serious acting out.  While her comments brought boos and hisses
from the audience, his comments brought "damn rights" and lotsa cheers. 
The audience, I would presume, was largely comprised of fed-up folks who
have seen just a little too much teenage crime.

Its not noise per se, but I'd equate "acting out" with the boom car boys
seranade, anytime.  

Bob S.

P.S.  I'm not advocating watching these programs, but all parents should
get a look at what their kids are watching late at night when we think
they're sleeping..'cause a lot of them ain't.  What's particularly
frightening is that our kids see these kids on the show and think their
behavior is "normal."  Yikes.

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