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My apologies for not responding directly to BJ's post but I accidentally
deleted it.  

Anyway, let me say this: First, you know I'm over 40 and you have a fair
idea how I feel about boom cars (most unnecessary noise, for that
matter).  What you might not know is how much I LOVE LOUD MUSIC.  In my
car (with the windows up) on the big highways I love to play it loud. 
In my house (with the windows closed), I play it loud if its a song that
should be played loud.  In my basement gym I play it REALLY LOUD (and
there's a lot of rap going on while I'm beating the bag).  When I played
B-Ball in the gym I enjoyed hearing Shaft's theme (real loud) before a
game (got most of us psyched).

The deal here is that I like music, all kinds of music.  And I like some
of it loud.  Not all of it, mind you, but I like loud music to be loud. 
So my age and my genes aren't really my main problem (that's not to say
I disagree ith BJ, 'cause I do agree for the most part).  The difference
is I don't set out to aggravate others with my selection or
amplification.  I use music (if you will) to pump myself up, not to
offend others.  I manage this by not pumping ridiculous levels of bass
at others or playing music loudly with the windows open. etc.  It isn't
all that hard to enjoy what you like without interfering with another's
right to enjoy what they like.

Boom car boys (BCB's) -- as is apparent from my conversations with them
and the advertising that draws them -- don't care about your rights to
enjoy peace and quiet.  BCB's offend a good many of us, I suspect, not
just because we're irritated by the noise itself but for what it
represents; specifically, they are showing blatant disrespect for
people, decency, and -- in some cases -- the law.  This is what triggers
the reaction it does from those like myself (I'm speaking for a bunch of
you here, so step up and disagree if you think I'm wrong) who don't just
feel violated by marauding BCB'ers, but recognize that what they are
doing is telling society and its laws to go to hell (I'm being polite).

This goes back to something I said in an earlier post: a lot of my anger
stems from knowing that most of these punks are juvenile delinquents and
that their presence (signalled by their "music") means we're all in
immediate danger of being run over, vandalized, and burgled by beer
swilling dope head juveniles.  The boom garbage heralds the presence of
mindless losers, and that's more than enough to bother anyone.

Bob S.

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