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Re: Quiet Jackhammer-again

At 09:04 AM 10/24/1997 -0400, you wrote:

>   Technology has given us most of our noise problem.

I disagree. Humans cause noise pollution. Granted, technology has provided
inconsiderate human beings with additional weapons to pollute our
soundscape. But keep in mind that the first noise by-law was written 2,000
years ago (a low-tech era by today's standards). Lots of noise problems are
not technology related (e.g. barking dogs, hammering in the middle of the
night, etc.) but are caused by inconsiderate humans. The inconsiderate and
indiscriminate use of technology has the same root cause. I suspect humans
have been getting on each others nerves with noise since we evolved.
Ultimately, changing human behaviour might prove to be more challenging
than quieting technology.

>   It has always been my opinion that controlling technology
>   is the only way to solve our noise problems.

What exactly do you mean by controlling technology? If you propose that we
slow the progress of technology, well, that's a philosophical discussion
which would go beyond the boundaries of the quiet-list. 
If, however, you propose that we legislate the use of technology, then it
still comes down to modifying human behaviour.

Annette Feige
Citizens' Coalition Against Noise
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