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Re: Classroom Noise

In a message dated 97-10-22 13:43:26 EDT, Eric writes:

<<  Amplification systems are now available for use in 
    a regular classroom  to address some of the listening 
    and learning concerns resulting from  poor acoustic 
    conditions. The teacher wears a wireless FM microphone 
    which transmits his or her voice to an amplifier and 
    speaker system  installed in the classroom. Use of FM 
    systems can enhance the teacher's voice by 8 to 15 
    dBA and simultaneously reduce teacher vocal fatigue. " >>
  I find this very sad.
<<Of course the question begs to be asked - why not simply 
    build acoustic-friendly schools and classrooms so these  
   devices would become  unnecessary?  >>

  We have definitely over-modernized.  I went to grade school
  in an old-fashioned school house built in 1934.  I doubt if
  the designers and builders had ever heard of the word
  "soundscape" or the phrase "acoustic-friendly."

  It worked just fine.   None of the teachers used microphones.
  I understood them with no problem.  I don't think there was
  ever more than 30 kids in a class.   None of the kids brought
  boom boxes to class either.  Fortunately for me, that kind
  of junk did not exist in the 50s.

  I was measured to be reading at the 11th grade level when
  I was in the 5th grade.  I credit the teachers for that, along
  with the general quality of the educational environment. 
  The socio-economic composition of the school district was
  mostly blue-collar and lower-middle class.   I think back
  in those days I had a better education in the basics than
  a lot of privileged kids are getting today.

  I can remember the kindergarten teacher telling us it was
  time to play the "quiet game."  She had the right idea.
  -- Michael Wright
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