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Re: young people and noise

In a message dated 97-10-21 15:59:29 EDT, Maxine writes:

<< Your mention of subsidizing hearing aids for noise vandals 
    made me wonder if  I've missed something. Nobody subsidized 
    mine - I'm having to take two years  to pay for it.  >>

    We need to pass aggressive new noise control laws
    and implement better enforcement practices.  For example,
    people using electronic ampifiers in their occupations,
    such as rock band members and bartenders, should have
    to study an audiology manual, pass an exam, and then
    pay a fee to be licensed to use such equipment, since
    mis-use of it presents a definite public health hazard.

    Revenues from licensing and fines should be used to
    pay for the enforcement effort and anti-noise educational
    effort.  Whatever's left could be used to subsidize hearing
    aids for indigent noise victims.

      -- Michael Wright

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