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Re: Stress and Heart Attack

To Quiet List members. 
      There are many children who do indeed like to read and to learn.  As
part of noise awareness day, I lectured to an auditorium of elementary school
children on the dangers of noise and they were most interested.  They then
participated in a poster contest highlighting the dangers of noise.  Some of
the winners (those in Brooklyn, N.Y.) were honored with certificates in
Borough Hall.  The national poster contest yielded posters that will now make
up a calendar issued by the League for the Hard of Hearing.  The calendar
will be a wonderful tool for educating people on noise. 
     For the past four years, I have lectured to my grandson's class on
noise, and expect to meet several classrooms of children when I get to Los
Angeles in three weeks.  Do not dismiss the "love of learning" that many
children possess.
     When members to the quiet list talked about noise awareness day, Nancy
Nadler of the League for the Hard of Hearing suggested that the members join
the League and its co-sponsors, both in U.S. and abroad, in 1998's annual
program.  For the past two years, noise awareness day has served to highlight
the hazards of noise and the word has spread.  We would like to see quiet
list members become active participants in the League's program.  This will
give all of us the opportunity to reach out beyond our e-mail conversations.
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