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Re: young people and noise

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997 Sorrento95@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 97-10-21 15:59:29 EDT, you write:
> << If anyone can suggest ways to  help get my point across,
>     I'd be most  grateful. >>
>   Just use plain common sense language, such as, "Classrooms
>   need to be quiet, don't you think?"
  Not quite that simple Michael. I have taught in many schools over the 
past 10+ years here in Toronto. Each and every one has been poorly 
designed from an acoustic viewpoint. From a caretaker's viewpoint they're
almost ideal. Nice shiny acrylic tiles throughout. Lots of concrete walls.
An abundance of hard surfaces from which each dropped book, dragged 
chair, cry down the hallway, knocked music stand etc. can reverberate onto.
Very easy to clean and maintain. This was one of the main design elements 
taken into consideration when the schools were built. For most of the 
professionals involved in the building of the schools, "soundscape" 
wasn't even in their vocabulary. 
 We have a long way to go still. First we must educate the adults who 
build/run the schools. Then we'll be able to have quiet settings from 
which to teach.

>   Maybe the listeners didn't understand what you meant by
>   "soundscape."   

    That was her point.

 Eric Greenspoon 
  Vice President - Citizens' Coalition Against Noise

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